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In the first few weeks in your German language education, the operations team will collect all required documents from Sara to start applying for the Deficit Letter (Defizitbescheid) which is issued by German authorities. It usually takes 3-4 months from the time of application. It is an important document that will be submitted as part of your visa application at the Embassy of Germany in Gulf. The sooner we can collect the documents, the sooner you will receive your letter. By the time you have passed the B1 certificate examination, all your documents will be ready for the visa application.

CareLend will translate your documents through one of our official translators who are accepted by the court in Germany. This will shorten the time of your application process and will optimize cost at the same time.


Application visa application

The visa type that Sara will apply for is the 16D. The six main documents required for the application are: B1 language certificate, Defizitbescheid, the employment contract, the rent contract, the acceptance of the German ministry of Labour and the acceptance of the nursing school. Sara must pass the B1 exam, while CareLend will take care of all other documents. The employment contract will have all details about her salary, working hours, vacation, deductions, and other benefits. Our operations team will guide you fully in the application process.

Sara will receive a personalized training of what to expect during the visa application process, the answers to all the questions and the organization of the documents. Our pass rate in the visa application is 100% globally.



Sara must be in Germany 2 weeks before the start of the adaptation course. She will be welcomed by our operations team of CareLend Germany in Germany. They will orient Sara in her initial phase of settling in Germany.

Accommodation is typically in a shared apartment between 2 nurses where every nurse having a separate room. The maximum number allowed per apartment is 3 in a three-bedroom apartment.

Our integration teacher will create a WhatsApp group to answer all your questions immediately and other participants will get the answers too. This will facilitate the start of your life in Germany. It is very crucial for us to minimize any stress level you may have with the start of your career. On the contrary, Sara will feel the full support from the company with all her issues, whether related to the adaptation program or her life in Germany in any way. We are here to assist.



The adaptation course duration is up to 10 months divided into a theoretical part (4 months) conducted in a nursing school and a practical part (up to 6 months) conducted in a hospital. The program itself is free of charge. Sara is a good student. She has excellent language and technical skills. She is expected to spend only 6 months in the program. However, if she needs more time in the practical phase, she is recommended to continue the full 10 months. Based on our experience, nurses who have passed the B2 level before arrival in Germany typically progress very well in the adaptation program. In any case, you have to pass the B2 level before you are awarded the license at the end of the adaptation program.

Sara’s salary during the adaptation program (2,065€ before tax, or about 1,400€ after tax) will start from the first day in the adaptation course. The average cost of living for her is around 800€ including accommodation, transportation, and other living expenses.

She will be able to obtain the license to work as a professional Nurse in Germany which also qualifies her to work anywhere in the European Union.


NURSE registered nurce

Upon the completion of the adaptation program, Sara will be invited into an interview with her immediate supervisor and an external examiner who will lead the discussion with her. Based on this interview, she will be granted the license to work as a registered nurse in Germany which also allows her to work anywhere in the European Union. Our historical pass rate is 100% in these interviews.

Sara’s salary will increase with an immediate effect to around 3,000€. Her years of experience, specialization and proficiency in the German language will play a role in determining the salary after completing the adaptation program.

CareLend will assist Sara in finding the best employer matching her skills and requirements. However, at any stage, if Sara would like to change her employer or region, the company will happily assist her in this regard. There is no restricted period that you must abide by in terms of your employer or region. This is a huge advantage when it comes to the flexibility that will guarantee the best outcome for our clients. We are one of the very few companies, if any, that provide this flexibility in Germany. We will happily assist Sara in her application for the post-employment specialization in a certain field of nursing. It is a program for 2 years in a hospital that will make Sara a specialist nurse. Usually, you need to spend 2 years as a general nurse before Sara starts the program; However, based on our great caliber of nurses, this program can start after only 6 months from the date working as a general nurse.

Our operations team in Germany will continue supporting Sara for a period of 2 years from the time of arrival in Germany. However, in terms of employment services, it is continuously active while Sara is in Germany.

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