Sara is keen on mastering her 4 skills in the German language (speaking, listening, writing and reading) . She heard a lot about CareLend‘s program and decided to make the right decision. She joined from the A1 level all the way to B2, both online and offline. She passed with great results. She can join the adaptation course in Gulf with full confidence.
6 reason teaching German language | Carelend Gulf
In addition to the standard Menschen program, we have crafted our own material that will challenge and improve the 4 skills. The extra materials include videos, stories, applications, and books that will be assigned to our students based on their level.
There is a test in each lesson. We will put enough pressure to master the language.
A) 15-minute exam before the start of every lesson,
B) 30-minute exam at the end of every 3 units
C) 60-minute exam at the mid of every level (12 units)
D) 4-hours exam at the end of every level where delegates will be assessed in all 4 skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening)
We are rigorous when it comes to the quality of German language training. The pass rate in every skill at the end of every level is 80% (compared to 60% by Goethe). If you fail in a skill, you must repeat the exam of this skill. We place great emphasis on the exam preparation by going through a number of mock exams that will match the same difficulty and stress during the actual examination in ECL, Goethe, Telc or OSD.
In B1 and B2, Sara will participate in 2 additional programs that are extremely important: The Life of a Nurse in Germany program and the integration program. These programs are conducted 100% in the German language.
Sara will participate in 2 outings at every level along with the teacher where everyone is required to speak in the German language only. The location and topics to be discussed will be announced well before the time in order for all students to prepare themselves.
CareLend only hires the best German language teachers in all her offices worldwide. For a teacher to be selected within the family of CareLend, she should demonstrate excellent skills, not only in terms of language proficiency but also in terms of her character and the ability to inspire students to love the German language.
The “Integration Program”
Your success in Germany relies heavily on your ability to integrate within the German society and culture. A dedicated top-quality native speaker will conduct weekly sessions during the B1 level to speak about history, economy, politics, lifestyle and the German way of doing things. This is an exceptionally important program. We require all candidates to attend it.
The “life of a Nurse in Germany” program
You will go through the same route that any Nurse has followed until becoming a successful working nurse in Germany. She will be able to speak about all the ups and downs and what it takes to succeed in various episodes in the journey to Germany.
This includes technical matters at work in a hospital in Germany compared to Home Country, daily routine activities at work, street, or home. This program will be in German
No student will be allowed to go to the next level until passing with an 80% grade.
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