Theoretical Education

Our nurse training program is held in cooperation with CareLend Germany and the nursing schools therein. Through regular personal feedback and development meetings, students are supervised intensively by teachers. CareLend Gulf also supports interns in hospitals in Germany, such as the immediate vicinity of Borna and Zwenkau.

Theoretical lessons are offered by medical and nursing education professionals, nursing teachers, and other professional lecturers. All of them offer you an explanation/training in the following areas of learning:

Ausbildung Learning Diagram | Carelend Gulf

Practical Education

During the practical training phase, the trainee gets acquainted with the clinics in the cooperating hospitals of CareLend Gulf in the teaching program as well as all areas of nursing in the cooperating facilities and departments.

  • General, abdominal and vascular surgery
  • Anesthesia, intensive care, pain therapy and palliative care
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Otolaryngology, head and neck surgery, and facial plastic surgery
  • Acute geriatrics and early rehabilitation
  • Operating room, emergency room, ITS
  • The diagnosis
  • Psychiatry
  • Outpatient or home care
  • Inpatient care homes for the elderly
  • Internal medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Neurosurgery
  • Neurology unit
  • Orthopedics, traumatology, hand surgery, as well as urology

Your Salary while studying nursing

In order to start studying nursing in Germany, you must have a work contract as a nursing student in a medical facility. Our cooperation office CareLend Germany will provide this contract in turn.

The salary depends on the government definition of nursing students:

Your Salary while studying nursing

In addition, students receive laptop training at the start that they can take home with them and after completing the study successfully, the student can keep this laptop.

Conditions for joining the study

  • Academic qualification, at least a high school diploma, for my knowledge.
  • The student must be medically fit.
  • Certificate of completion of B2 in the German language with a success rate of killing 80% of the final grade in the four language elements before traveling.
  • The student must have obtained high marks in chemistry and biology subjects during the school course.
  • She must have trained in a medical facility for at least half a year.
  • The applicant must pass the mental and scientific fitness exam that will be conducted by the company.

Educational Structure

duration of study
The normal duration of study is 3 years full-time and alternates between theory and practice.
education structure
The theoretical stage consists of 2100 hours.
education structure
The practical stage includes 2500 hours. The application is carried out in neighboring hospital departments and facilities.
education structure
During the training period, work in the early morning or the regular day or night period is mandatory during the practical phase.
education structure
The study ends with an oral, written and governmental examination.

How to apply for a study seat?

  • When applying for a study seat, the following documents must be submitted in writing or via email to
  • CV in tabular form
  • A copy of the last diploma or the final diploma for school studies
  • A copy of all school certificates that preceded the last academic year
  • Evaluate the nursing training that you have done for at least half a year in a medical facility
  • If the applicant has already started or completed university studies, a certificate proving this or a graduation certificate must be submitted
  • Power of Attorny from the Applicant to CareLend to that we may contact authorities, make applicants etc. on their behalf
  • B2 certificate in the German language
  • The contract between the applicant and the company
  • Motivation letter Motivation Sheet
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